What to shoot at Tik Tok in 2020 – TOP 25 ideas and trends

What to shoot at Tik Tok in 2020 – TOP 25 ideas and trends


The huge popularity of Tik Tok is the best proof that the majority of users prefer to consume video content, especially if the whole idea of ​​the video is compressed into short 15 seconds. The TikTok app is very handy for creating videos, but it’s just a tool. You need another idea. On Tik Tok, new videos are published every minute, and the app’s smart feed feeds users only what they like. If you want to gain popularity and attract a large audience, then use 30 examples of ideas for what is best to shoot at Tik Tok. We have prepared this list based on the study of trends in this rapidly growing social network and the popularity of video clips.



Shocking unsanitary conditions


The most famous challenge as of  2020 is to lick the toilet seats. This movement was launched by blogger Ava Louise, who licked the toilet bowl on her plane. According to her friend, the seat was previously disinfected.

And this strange idea to show his disregard for the coronavirus found many followers. Of course, the first video Ava Louise collected the most hype. Although the Tik Tok administration deleted the video, another user, @CashNastyGaming, managed to tweet it. Before the video was deleted there, he managed to gain 7.8 million views. Currently, this viral video has been removed everywhere, but the blogger has already gained her notoriety. It may now be easier for her to promote her other videos if the strengthened reputation does not alienate disgusted viewers from Ava Louise.


Shake the foundations


17-year-old Aiden Rydings got his moment of fame by launching the “most disgusting” challenge (as described by the New York Post). He posted a video on Tik Tok of how he slapped his mother on the chest to the music. Where the teenager got this idea from is unknown. He claims that his mother was aware and agreed to shoot the video.

The attention that fell on Aiden and the sharply negative reaction of the majority of viewers made him delete his social media channel. But his video has already been copied and the user Brandon posted it on his Twitter. As of Sept 2020, the video has received 5.8 million views and over 264,000 likes. This video caused a lot of anger in many viewers. Aiden Rydings himself said that he considered this idea of ​​the video “funny” and did not intend to react to the negative. But he gained fame and the audience is unlikely to soon forget him.


Dip anything in soy sauce


A TikTok user named Regan recorded a video in which, referring to some “research”, claimed that the testicles have taste buds. The young lady asked to check this and there were enough men who began to dip this part of their body in soy sauce and other foods. The experimenters reported on the results of the experiments in Tik Tok (the dipping process itself was not reasonably demonstrated).

For example, a video on this topic from user Tik Tok gained 4.7 million views and more than 800 thousand likes. That is, almost a million viewers liked the idea of ​​such an experiment. This is a good example of the fact that the rule still applies in Tik Tok: the more absurd, the more interesting it is for the broad masses.


Become like a star


This idea interests many but is available to makeup masters. With the help of decorative cosmetics, the blogger turns into a star, which in ordinary life is completely different. For example, Alina Nazarova, using makeup and her talent, becomes almost a copy of the shocking Billie Eilish.

This transformation was appreciated by many Tik Tok users, and the video went viral, gaining 3.2 million views.


Macro photography


For those who love everything shiny and sparkling, there is a separate and popular style – macro photography. For example, the Tik Tok user @beautyfromrussia shot a video where eyes and lips with bright festival makeup are shown in close-up. The whole face is not visible, there is only the process of decorating individual parts of the face.

A video with such an uncomplicated storyline has gained 1.2 million views. By the same principle, you can shoot training videos, where individual stages of applying makeup or creating a hairstyle are shown in detail and up close.


Creative makeup


An example of this art is the channel of the popular blogger Dasha Daleks. With the help of makeup, the girl paints whole pictures on her face, creates fantastic images, and does it so exciting that viewers cannot tear themselves away until the end of the video.

For example, this video received 1.1 million views and 250 thousand likes.


Makeup lessons


Rollers of this style are guaranteed the attention of millions of women. Someone wants to learn the basics and techniques of makeup, others want to spy on new ideas or professional tricks. For example, all videos by Evgeny Lukyanenkov are very popular.

A simple video showing the makeup process in detail received 1.4 million views and other videos on the channel also open 200-400 thousand viewers.


Pet chef


This video is about how your cat or dog is helping to prepare food. Depending on the imagination and talent of training the owners, rather funny videos can be obtained, which hundreds of thousands of Tik Tok users watch with interest. For example, a video on the Doxie Din channel, in which a dachshund dressed in a chef’s hat rolls out the dough and prepares cookies, has received more than 800 thousand views.


Mastery of training


The topic of animals always arouses increased interest, tiktokers are happy to watch simple clips with animals dressing up, mini-scenes with cats or dogs. For example, a simple video of a dog wearing a hat and sunglasses, combined with a well-chosen track, attracted 5.6 million viewers.

You can also start a channel on behalf of your pet and show moments from his life.


Sports stunts


For a Tik Tok user, one video, and an empty gym were enough to collect 82.8 million views and 6.4 million likes!


To do this, it was necessary to film how the girl performed a masterful throw with a basketball, simultaneously with a somersault. This experience will be more difficult to repeat, the athlete probably had to practice before she managed to shoot a successful option.


Fruit Surgery


The short video of the surgery to extract a small orange from a large one proved to be very popular. Blogger Alevtina Kalinina opened the fruit, then sewed it up and disinfected it. It’s hard to imagine who was fascinated by this, but such an uncomplicated plot was enough to collect 60.8 million views and 3.4 million likes on TikTok.


Rainbow in your hair


The user loves to experiment, like a hairdresser, with his or her friends’ hair. And her experiences with unusual haircuts and dyes are very popular with TikTok viewers. Those who do not dare to experiment with green or pink hair on their own can watch how the pros do it. For example, a video with a rainbow hidden in her hair received 56.2 million views and 4.6 million likes.


Figures on the tip of a pencil


It has long been known that videos of creating beautiful art objects hypnotize people. Salavat Fidai took advantage of this to engage the audience. The master carves various figures from a pencil lead. It turns out very unusual and mesmerizing.

The video with hearts carved on the tip of multi-colored pencils has collected 1.3 million views and 246 thousand likes.


Parodies of famous movie plots


This is a great example of the fact that there is nothing to look for in Tik Tok videos (as well as in the preferences of the audience of this messenger). The Verzakov twins make parodies based on episodes from famous films. As a rule, the frames in the commercials consist of two parts, the source and the “creativity” of the twins.

Oddly enough, such immediacy is enough to attract 8-9 million views on videos and get more than 900 thousand likes. In addition to parodies, there is a second type of such videos – “guess the scene”. The blogger, with the help of scenery and his theatrical skills, depicts a certain scene and asks the audience to guess which movie, cartoon, or series it is from.


Grandpa on a micro bike


TikTok Jonny First published few videos on his channel, but one video in which grandfather took a ride in a miniature vehicle to a well-chosen audio track, captured the attention of viewers.

The video featuring an elderly man riding a small toy bike received 57 million views and 4.3 million likes. Videos with unexpected actions of people, their non-standard reactions to the situation, inappropriate for their age, will always be of interest to the teenage audience of Tik Tok.


Cute video with a kitten or puppy



Another proof that Tik Tok does not necessarily need originality or deep meaning. User Irina shot a short video with a kitten “hunt” and this was enough to grab the attention of other Tiktokers, gain 95.2 million views, and over seven million likes.

Also very popular videos with the reactions of animals to an unexpected meeting with another animal, the appearance of an obstacle, the disappearance of the owner, and other situations. Often the involuntary reaction of a cat or dog is so funny that thousands of people watch the video dozens of times each.



Prank in the supermarket or on the street


To scare or confuse random shoppers in the store with your trick – this is a plot regularly played by Tik Tok user @williespenser and he manages to gather a large audience. Moreover, this blogger is no different, he just sneaks up on the person from behind and makes a somersault, which causes a loud sound. If this does not frighten the buyer, a firecracker shot follows.

With such a primitive plot, Tiktoker scored 54.5 million views with one of his videos and received almost six million likes. It should be remembered that few people want to be the victim of a prank by an outsider. In order not to be scolded or beaten, it is better to call your friends who will pretend to be “accidental” victims. It’s much safer this way.


Flexibility and stretching


Unusual athletic ability grabs the attention of viewers. Blogger Diana Belitskay took advantage of this. By simply showing off her stretch while shopping at the supermarket, such as pulling items off the top shelf with her outstretched leg, Diana scored 44.2 million views and received 3.7 million likes.


Naturally, such videos can be made by those who have been doing gymnastics or other sports for a long time and it is better to train at home many times first before filming a video in a real store.


Editing skill


Thanks to the rich features of the TikTok video editor, bloggers create fantastic videos with editing and special effects. For example, the video of Zach King, in which he pours water into a glass, puts it on the table, and immediately cuts the glass-cake, scored 38 million views and received more than four million likes. This confirms that various wow effects and tricks will always be in TikTok’s trends.

Videos with tricks or masterful editing have an important feature – the viewer wants to know how it will end, to get an answer to the riddle. Therefore, the video will be watched to the end.


Wild animals


Videos in which people come into contact with dangerous animals right in the wild attract the attention of millions of viewers. For example, Kody Antle hugs, kisses monkeys, play with panthers. The video, in which Cody carried a huge tiger on his shoulders, scored 25.6 million views and received 4.4 million likes.


Sports Challenges


A lot of attention is guaranteed to participants in challenges with various sports exercises. For example, #standupchallenge, in which you need to stand on your feet from a different position without using your hands. Sometimes the task gets more complicated. For example, an American blogger and gymnast Demi Bagby dances and bounces on the back of her partner, who gradually rises from a prone position.

It looks so exciting that the Tik Tok video has received 217.7 million views and 19.7 million likes.


Funny sketches


This type of commercial requires a combination of the talents of a short film writer and a comic actor. In blogger Christian Delgrosso it turns out, so his video Tic Tox consistently popular. For example, a video about him trying to remember the size of a TV and scaring passers-by got almost 64 million views and received 5.7 million likes.



Dressing up rollers


All Tiktokers already know how to shoot such videos, how to pause, and achieve a continuous video sequence. However, if you add humor and creativity to the banal scenario of a quick change of clothes, then success is guaranteed. For example, a video in which one of the two participants was unexpectedly left in old clothes received 31.4 million views and also received 1.3 million likes.


Draw beautifully


Just a video in which the artist shows how to create paintings, mere mortals are ready to watch endlessly. Even more popular examples of creating not classic paintings, but home decorations. For example, @rivkawilkins’ video creating a beautiful wall clock face with a dramatic seaside background has received six million views.



Dangerous stunts and action camera shooting


Videos, where the viewer can safely watch the author take risks, are highly popular. Often this is done using shooting with an action camera or drone. These videos allow viewers to experience the thrill without risking or straining. And many people appreciate it. For example, @baseweekly’s video of a skydiving user @baseweekly from a high cliff has received 672 million views and has received 4.6 million likes from enthusiastic TikTok users.

Just before shooting an extreme video, be sure to think over the scenario, call friends who will hedge you, and take care of safety.


Fun competitions


Tik Tok viewers love to watch friends compete in speed, quick wits, or cunning. If you add humor to the video, then success is guaranteed. For example, @goubtube’s video, where two adult men compete to eat a watermelon faster, has 48.9 million views and 3.5 million likes.

In addition to competition in eating, you can measure strength and speed in sports exercises, folding things, untying knots, or many other activities.


What Tiktokers need to remember


A funny, unusual, shocking video can easily go viral and get a lot of views. But it should be remembered that an appeal to the dark sides of the viewer’s soul can attract the attention of not only users but also the administration of this social network. A provocative video can have time to gain millions of views and be removed. And you can’t monetize such hype. Therefore, we recommend that you think not only about how to attract attention, but also keep your account on Tik Tok.

In this social network, everyone can find a way to express themselves according to their talents and physical capabilities. Professionals can create tutorials, sketches, high-quality pranks, tricks, or spectacular Slow-Mo. Amateurs – Filming random outdoor scenes, fooling around at home, or exploiting pets. But in all cases, it is important to remember your own safety and the rules of Tik Tok.




Not all TikTok video ideas are the same for every blogger. Some will be hindered by morality, others by disgust, and others by common sense. But from the options listed above, you will probably be able to find something suitable for your technical and creative capabilities. The main thing is to attract an audience and subscribers. 


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