Instant Search for TikTok Users and Hashtags

We have launched a new Instant Search with Auto-complete feature. You can now search for TikTok Users or Hashtags even if you don't remember the exact TikTok Username or Hashtag.

This new Search shows the matching suggestions as you type, similar to the Google Search. It provides the instant results with the option to select the TikTok user or hashtag.

We always strive to provide the best user experience and we will continue to do so. Thank you for using
Please enter either username or hashtag in the below Instant Search textbox. Please don't enter video link as it is not supported.
Start entering @username or #hashtag below, that shows the matching suggestions as you type.

Please note that the above Instant Search results may not show some users as it is not a complete list, and we will try to show the missing users soon. If you couldn’t find a username or hashtag in the suggestions, then please use the below existing Search which you are currently used to.

Username videos may not load currently, so try with Hashtag videos. For example, you can try with #nishaguragain instead of @nishaguragain

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